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Plastkon product s.r.o. includes the portfolio of brands in the fields of gardening, winter sports, including snow shovels, and kitchen and household products. In 2002, dipl. Ing. Daniel Hama took over the company management and started a series of investments into new technologies and new premises.
Plastkon currently has its seat in a factory with a plastic making tradition that spans almost one hundred years in Mikulov, Silesia. It has 195 employees whose objective is to understand the product as a coherent process from the draft, through production, to final delivery at the store counters.

“At Plastkon, we do not make any compromises between quality, experience and design. At the same time, serious and reliable conduct with all buyers is important for us.”

David Hama
Managing Director Plastkon

Gizmo Riders
from Plastkon

Czech manufacturer of bobsleds, snow discs and other innovative plastic products.

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Service for our customers

Delivery within 5 days

Are you placing an order at the last moment? We shall deliver the bobsleds and snow discs to you within 5 days. We shall also promptly deliver additional products to you also during the season. We receive orders already from CZK 8,000.


We want you to know that you can rely on us. We uphold the motto “if you trust before you try, you may repent before you die”, so you should read what the customers say about us.

Custom production

Are you selling your products internationally and need a manual in a foreign language? Do you want your logo or other mark on the products? We can cope with this. Contact us regarding custom production.

We shall help you sell and present the products

We have many years of sales experience, do you want help? We shall gladly share our experience with you. We shall supply the models to you in a carton display. Why is it a bargain for you?

  • You can immediately present the displays containing the products in the shop
  • The displays save shelf space
  • The customers can view the products from all sides
  • Displays with your print as per order

What do we specifically offer? Take a look:

POS displays PDF, 827 KB

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Offer our products quickly, simply and minimize costs

We treat our customers as partners and make an effort to help them succeed. For this reason, we share our knowledge and experience with them and offer following to them:

  • External warehouse – you do not invest in a warehouse and any products shall always be available. It only suffices that it snows and you can sell at no risk.
  • SEO support – you get access to texts, keywords and excellent photographs and videos
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Satisfied customers

what our buyers say about us

“I am working at such a high and professional level only with a few companies. Presentation of the products is important for me, and your selection of photographs is really at a number one level with an asterisk. I would also like to evaluate positively the safety of the products on which my customers can rely and the quality, which is certainly not something that can automatically be expected from anyone.”

Petr Baloun
Owner, HABAčeK s.r.o.

“In a word, cooperation with Plastkon is fun for me. Every year I look forward to the new products with which it will enrich the market offer, which is certainly not a rule in modern complicated times. I was recently pleasantly surprised at the really superb STRATOS bobsleds, which have become an absolute hit. Because a Czech company is concerned, I appreciate the expediency of the deliveries and the opportunity to purchase spare parts within a short time.”

jana marková
Sales Manager, COOP Jednota

“I evaluate cooperation with Plastkon as excellent, and I especially appreciate the broad range of products, colour palette. I also like the quick response to my orders, I get to know when and which products I will receive practically instantly.“

auston matthews
Maple Leafs & Co. Ltd.

600+ stores sell our models

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They wrote about us

“Moreover, the new generation plastic used to make the bobsled is impact resistant and does not lose its resilience even at very low temperatures. In addition to the company’s development department, the Technical University in Liberec and the Testing and Technical Institute in the Netherlands also participated in two years of development.”

“The newest bobsleds on the Czech market are made by Plastkon. They are known as Stratos and were tested on an artificial slope in Amsterdam.”


“The company also developed the new products itself – thanks to the project, its portfolio now includes a large glider, children’s sledges with support and components for steerable bobsleds and another four types of bobsleds.”


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