Bobsleds that put all their opponents in their pockets. Easy-to-use bobsleighs with a steering wheel and a soft seat on a slope not only shine, but also win.


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Anti-slip seat

It guarantees a comfortable ride and at the same time insulation against the cold.

Anti-slip seat
Softened handle

Softened handle

Eliminates the possibility of slipping out of the hand.

The self-winding rope adapts to your needs and does not bind when moving.

Differential steering system

Differential steering system

Each ski turns at a different angle. That's why you're faster in corners.



Thanks to the brakes within reach of the steering wheel, you will have the bobsleds reliably under control.

Nimbus = safety



reduces braking distance



slows down the fall in case of a head-on collision



for safer seating



or sharp edges

Model specifications


98 × 56 × 30 cm

Load capacity

120 kg


4,2 kg

For temperatures

-20 °C to +70 °C

Suitable from

3 years

Possible ride for

2 people

Plastic material

HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)

Titan Blue

EAN: 8595096977586

Mystic Green

EAN: 8595096977593

Ice Blue

EAN: 8595096977609

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Information for the seller

Number of pieces in the carton
1 piece
Number of pieces on the pallet
16 pieces
Skidrifter 60/Skidrifter 70
Minimum order volume
8 000 Kč
Delivery time
Within 5 days

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